17 de julio de 2014

EeS (Namibia / Kwaito)


Eric Sell, 1983 - ...
También conocido como “Easy Eric Sell”


Vive en Windhoek y en Colonia (Alemania).
Crea sus letras en una mezcla de Afrikaans e Inglés, también en Namlish y en Südwesterdeutsch (dialecto alemán hablado en Namibia, popularizando el término Nam-Slang.

Empezó su carrera musical, mientras estudiaba ingeniería de sonido en Cape Town (Sudáfrica), en el grupo Odyssey Cru.
En 2004 se traslada a Europa para promover su música, difundiendo el kwaito fuera de África recibiendo varios premios, como el MTV Listeners Choice.

Muy dinámico ha creado su propia bebida energética, su línea de ropa y su propia discográfica EES Records (YES-JA Music).

Straight from NAM

Bio-Lyrical Warfare (only South Africa)

Yes-Ja (Das Album)

Odyssey Cru

061 for LIFE!

Wo is die Coolbox?
1. Intro   
2. Wo Is Die Coolbox?
3. Gimme Dat! (snoopy Love)
4. Nam-summa-time Feat. Sekta-j
5. Nam Boyz 4 Life
6. Wo Immer Wir Sind
7. One, One, Two Feat. Moe
8. It’s A Nu Day
9. One More Time Feat. The Hunta
10. Nobody Like Me
11. Don’t Worry
12. Fight For One
13. Angeklagt Feat. G.brow
14. Outro (do U Rememba?)
15. Coolbox Phonecall
16. Naminator
17. Windhoek Feat. Namany
18. Farmer Norbert
19. Shaggon Waggon Feat. Namany
20. Thank You Shout-out
21. Daten-cd

NAM FlaVa!
1 Intro
2 Nam Flava!
3 International (feat. Gazza)
4 Do What I Like (feat. Lotto)
5 Shaggon Waggon (feat. Namany)
6 Girlfriend/homeboy (feat. Snazzy & Theo)
7 Holla Back
8 I Love My Girl (feat. Tweak Sensei & Seth)
9 42 (feat. Kelvin Declined, Remix & Remix)
10 Motherland Here We Come (feat. The Hunta)
11 Lovely Life (feat. Manni)
12 Dis Is How We Move (feat. Stalin & Snazzy)
13 I Hate You, I Love You (feat. Gazza)
14 Dts
15 Ohatu Chilla Ne
16 Nuttin 2 Loose (feat. Laura Smith)
17 Keine Namen
18 Take It To The ees-y Mode

In Di Air
No, No, No
Newwa Hold Us Down
Tupeni feat. TeQuila
Again N Again
Wat Se Die Man?
Alles Beste feat. The Hunta
Side 2 Side feat. Dingalo
Overtyme feat. Sunny Boy
Non of Ur Business feat. Big Ben
Holla Back Ou
Like SO! feat. Chipolopolo
Dalla Dalla feat. The Dogg
U My Lady feat. PDK
SOUL feat. Jericho
Chilla Villa
In Di Air (instrumental)
Newwa Hold Us Down(instrumental)
Magic in the Dirt feat. Peter Mark

Megaphone Ghazzie
Check Hom Mooi (Trendsetter)
Ya Rocka feat. Fresh Family
So Geht Das feat. PDK
Kwaitolizing (interlude)
I Wanna Believe feat. TeQuila
Ayoba feat. Mandoza
Holla Back Again (interlude)
What About U feat. The Dogg
Mawutu (interlude)
Dodga, Dodga feat. X-Bantuans
There’s Only One
Ain\’t Nobody feat. The Hunta
Holla Back Fo (interlude)
Mahambeko (Blessing) feat. Lady May
This Is Life feat. Qonja
Hands Up feat. TeQuila
Good Guys feat. Berthold
Check Hom Mooi (instrumental)
So Geht Das! (instrumental)
Like The Rest

Sharp, Sharp!
Sharp, Sharp
123 ees-y
Good Old Days feat. Namany
Newwa Ewwa feat. Faizel MC
Wir Sind Wieda Da feat. The Hunta
T.I.A. feat. Gazza
Let\’s Do It Again feat. Tate Buti
Holla Back Wan
Yes-Ja! feat. Sunny Boy
Dis IS Da Style feat. Buju
My Bagge
Kwaai feat. Luxus Lütte
One More Tyme feat. The Hunta
Step Up (remix) feat. Kelvin Declined
One Of Dem Bois feat. Lady May
Holla Back Tuh
Yoshili feat. TeQuila
All Over Now feat. Desdemona
What Dey Fightig For feat. Ras Sheehama

Da Gehn Wir (feat. T-zon)
Da Gehn Wir
10 Backz
Founkohl 1
Guten Bois
Meine Cherrie
Founkohl 2
Alle Hände
Keine Klue
Founkohl 3
10 Backz (dubstep remix)

The Remixes (Raw & Unmastered)
NAM FLAVA Music, 2012
1 Intro
2 Hands Up (Remix)
3 Newwa Ewwa (Remix) [feat. Faizel MC]
4 Bismarck (Remix) [feat. Exit & Mushe]
5 International (Remix) [feat. Gazza]
6 Believe (Remix) [feat. Tequila & Jericho]
7 So Geht Das! (Remix) [feat. Pdk]
8 What! ...You Don’t Like My Song!
9 Let’s Do It Again (Remix) [feat. Tate Buti]
10 What About U (Remix) [feat. The Dogg]
11 Like So (Remix) [feat. Chipolopolo]
12 T.I.A. (Remix) [feat. Gazza]
13 Nam Dollas
14 My Bagge (Remix)
15 Side 2 Side (Remix) [feat. Dingalo & Bolingo]
16 Nam Flava- Back It Up (Remix) [feat. Jericho]
17 Skopp Die Tür
18 Wo Is Die Coolbox? (Remix) [feat. Namany]
19 Hope (House Remix)
20 Newwa Hold Us Down (Trance Remix)
21 Wo Is Die Coolbox? (Remix) [feat. Famaz Attak]

IF Not, Why Not!
01 Individiuality feat. Vylla
02 Feel The Sun
03 Dance 2 Nite feat. K-Boz
04 Satisfaction feat. Inusa Dawuda
05 My Life feat. G-Rize
06 I Don’t Care feat. Jack Parow
07 Check It Out Now
08 Good Time
09 Rainmaker
10 Go Low feat. Lil D
11 Danger
12 Holla Cherrie feat. Freeda
13 Let It Go feat. Sunny Boy
14 Ayoba feat. Mandoza (remix)
15 Satisfaction feat. Inusa Dawuda (remix)
16 I Don’t Care feat. Jack Parow (remix)
17 Rainmaker (remix)
18 Feel The Sun (remix)
19 So Geht Das feat. PDK (remix)
20 Newwa Hold US Down (remix)


Single de “If Not, Why Not!” álbum del famoso Inusa Dawuda, Ghana.
Satisfaction (original)
Satisfaction (radio edit)
Satisfaction (Nils Liebich remix)
Satisfaction (Astero remix)
Satisfaction (DJ Sign DJ Cream remix)


I Don’t Care

Feel the Sun

Meine Cherrie

My life
NAM FLAVA Music, 2012

Woza December
NAM Flava Music, 2012

We are one
NAM FLAVA Music, 2013

Nu day
OnLine Records LC06737, 2013

NAM FLAVA Music, 2014

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